One of the main ingredients of faith is trust. Trust that what we have been told is true. Trust is learned very early in life. As infants we need to experience so many different things in order for us to learn If a parent comes when we cry, feeds us when we’re hungry, changes us when we need it, and soothes us when we don’t even know what’s wrong, we learn to trust. Of course the opposite is also true. As we grow, we trust that what that parent tells us can be trusted and if the parent teaches us about God, we come to believe. When we trust, we are open to faith. We trust our teachers to teach truth; we have faith – trust – in those who we depend on to take care of our plumbing, electricity, etc. All of this makes it easier to have faith in God. To believe in the words of the Bible, and believe that all that Jesus taught us is true. Faith helps us get through every day of our lives, in the small things and in the major events of our lives. I really don’t know how people survive without faith. Faith in God is a gift from God. I firmly believe that we are all given the gift, but some either reject it, or put it in a dark closet and don’t open it up right away. I have known children who wanted to be baptized when they were seven or eight, and also adults who were eighty before they opened the gift. Whenever we respond, our lives with be more fulfilled by having faith in God to depend on.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the gift of faith, the ability to trust in you and in the promises of your son, Jesus. Amen.

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Kc Cannon
8 months ago
tabitha frazier
8 months ago